PureMSK Surgical Mask - White Regular (10pk)

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PureMSK combines innovative technology with American manufacturing and thoughtful design to create an effective disposable surgical mask that is also lightweight and comfortable. Features and benefits include:

  • FDA-cleared surgical mask

  • NIOSH tested to 95%+ filtration efficiency (Note: not approved by NIOSH for use as an N95 respirator)

  • Lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort

  • Tri-fold design; light and thin, yet durable

  • Nose clip and ear loops for comfortable fit and seal

  • Dimensions: 207mm x 75mm

Customer Reviews

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cynthia hudson
Best mask

The masks are light weight and comfortable I can wear them fit hours. The fit is nice and snug but not tight. My husband has severe CIPD and uses oxygen-these are the only masks he can use - they are great!

Maria F
Great fitting mask, lightweight

I’ve use Pure-msk since discovering them last year and I’m very pleased with the efficacy and comfort of these masks. They cover more than an ordinary surgical mask, yet leave a bit of breathing room toward the front of the mask. I wear these for extended periods of time without the moisture buildup of cloth or other types of masks. The filtration seems to be effective as I can attest to not even having so much as a cold since this whole pandemic began. I do wear a mask any time I’m indoors in a public place, work, etc… Great product!

M. Moses
Easy to breathe

These are the only mask I wear. I have both white and black. Easy to breath I can wear all day for work.

Cindy W.
If I have to wear a mask, this is the one

I dont like wearing a mask but this one is the best I have found. Not too heavy, the ear straps are comfortable, and I can breathe.

George Z.
Comfortable and breathable mask

Comfortable and breathable mask

Lightweight. Breathable. Effective.

Air Permeability