workplace safety program

better masks.
higher profits.

Protect the Health of Your Business

If you’re a business owner or manager, the safety of your workers, customers, and visitors is your top priority. You care about their welfare, of course, but you also know that good health is good business. Fewer employees out sick. Customers feel safer when they see your employees wearing a 'pro quality' mask.

The PureMSK Workplace Safety Program makes it easier (and more affordable) for you to stay safe and productive. As a member you'll enjoy exclusive discounts, access to convenient single-packs, automatic re-orders, and more.


Workplace Safety Program members get 30% off retail prices, with a minimum order quantity of 500 masks.


As a business customer, get PureMSK in single-packs, perfect for managing allocation to front-line workers.

Automatic Re-Orders

Set up automatic re-orders, in the quantities and schedule you require, so you never run out of masks.

start saving today

Join the PureMSK Workplace Safety Program today, using the form below. Once approved you'll receive access to our exclusive Workplace product listings — including 30% OFF orders of 500 masks, single-packs, and more. And with our subscription software, it’s easy to place a recurring order, so you’ll never run out of masks. Don't wait. Protect your workers, customers, and your bottom line, with PureMSK.