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Comfortable and Protective

Love these masks! They fit well, are very comfortable, and protective. I like that they are individually wrapped and easy to take along. I still wear a mask on airplanes and feel confident I am protected when I have this mask on.


Love these masks. Good filtering, and they are not as hot as some others.


Comfort, impressive test results and extended use time over a daily disposable make PureMSK the winning choice for our family. My husband enjoys being able to wear them without his glasses fogging up, and I love that they come in a small size that fit my face perfectly!


good product. fits good

Love your PrueMSK.

I like the way the PureMSK fits.

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)
Arlene Stavropoulos
Best Mask ever!

I am a nurse…working long hours at times…the PUREMSK makes it easy to wear a mask ask day. I wear glasses to and they never fog up!! They are a little pricey but definitely worth every penny!

The best masks ever

These are the only masks that I can wear all day without a problem. They are truly the best I have tried. Thank you for making our lives better

Face Mask

I'm Very Well Satisfied

Pure MSK

Excellent product! A comfortable yet well-fitting mask that provides the protection I need and want. Thank you!

PureMSK Black Small
Allison Scarboro
An excellent mask

These masks are a lifesaver and my favorite mask for the gym and for travel. Comfortable and flattering.

PureMSK White Small
Tracey Taunt

Best fitting mask. I can easily breathe while wearing it.

Best mask!

This mask are great because you don’t feel like you are wearing a mask. The fit is great and can be adjusted easily.

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)
Rosemarie Margiore


Great product!

This is the only mask I trust. They are comfortable and help to keep me safe from viruses.

Great to wear during activities

The Pure-MSK masks are great for when you active such as playing sports and exercising. They are lightweight and you still feel protected. Would highly recommend.

comfortable and works!

This mask is comfortable - behind the ear fittings and does the job. The best mask I have found



PureMSK White Small
Carol Sahlman

great product. too many emails….

I can breathe!

Light, comfortable, all I want/need in a mask.


2nd time purchaser. Masks are high quality, comfortable, and they fit a petite face. Makes wearing a mask bearable. Highly recommend.

Awesome Purchase

I wore masks previous to the COVID epidemic because of yearly allergies. I am very pleased with Pure MSK masks because it allows sufficient space to breathe and it's not harsh on my ears.

This was our 3rd order. When we started, we naively thought it would be the only one. Great product. Thanx. (Made in America is ice cream on the cake.) (Ice cream is better than icing.)

I really like these masks. I always have comments from customers. These are the only masks my family has used during this pandemic

The only masks my kids will wear

Comfortable, lightweight, and very reliable product. It's the only mask our family wears.

Light, Comfortable and Work Great!

I really like this mask. It fits better than other masks I have tried and it is lighter than all the other masks I have tried. They hold up well and this is my second order of 10. The way they are made and fit gives me more confidence that I am protected than any other mask I have tried. I definitely recommend this mask!