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My "go to" mask day after day for work

What I've found to be true about the PURE MSK Masks are they are wearable for the whole work day and provide safe and comfortable safety coverage.


Yes, that is correct, PureMSK is not a NIOSH-approved N95 respirator. PureMSK is an FDA-cleared Class II medical device (surgical mask) made of three layers: outer, inner, and a filter in between — and with added performance characteristics. PureMSK is the only US-made FDA-cleared surgical mask that features our proprietary ‘electrospun’ filter (middle layer) that is ultra-thin and breathable while also blocking 96-98%+ of particles down to 0.3 microns. Those results come from NIOSH, the government agency that approves N95s, and which tested our PureMSK back in March 2021. Here is a link to the NIOSH test results:

While PureMSK offers filtration efficiency comparable to an N95, PureMSK cannot be approved as an N95 respirator because our mask uses an ear loop design, rather than head straps. NIOSH does not approve any masks with ear loops, because they believe head straps provide a tighter fit. They are not wrong! But we like the ear loops because they are much more comfortable for all-day wear.

So comfortable

I’ve been wearing these masks during the entire pandemic and just bought more. My husband loves the black color especially. Wouldn’t go anywhere without them.

Excellent mask

I found these masks in the summer of 2020 and have found them to be extremely comfortable and secure. Not only do they seal around my face but when I wear them my glasses NEVER fog up, which is annoying and can be dangerous. I recommended them to my son in law who travels frequently for work and he loves them too.

PureMSK White Large (Regular)
Julie Harris Neiger
Safe, Comfortable, and Fashion-forward

These are the best masks around!

PureMSK Small

We've now moved from our cloth masks on to PureMSK. The small size are a great, snug fit for me and my two younger children (ages 10 and 6), while the large fit my oldest (age 13) and husband. They sit off the mouth so they are very breathable and can be worn comfortably throughout their school day. I've worn them on long flights.

I've tried to get KN95 masks but there are so many fakes out there and it's taken a long time to receive. These masks shipped quickly. I definitely will order more.

Best masks!

I am a hair stylist, I wear a mask 8 hrs a day, this is the best mask for me, because it allows me to breathe comfortably and talk to my clients, doesn't stick to my face and doesn't fog up my glasses! It's a great mask, I recommend it to everyone!

Real comfortable


great product

Comfortable Fit, Breathing is easy, Ships Fast

I wear this mask when I travel; I have no issues with my glasses fogging up and breathing is easy breezy. An 8-hour flight (including airport layovers) is no problem with this mask. This mask is definitely my go-to and it's Made in the USA.

Have Purchased Many Pure MSK Masks

My office has been consistently purchasing this mask for about two years now. It has protected me personally from COVID. I circulate them among my staff. They are the most comfortable mask we have found. Can talk, breathe easily. Highly recommended.



Great mask

Masks are comfortable and it's easy to breath with them on. My glasses don't fog up!

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)

Disposable N95

Started using on and off during pandemic, using daily now, fits tight, comfy and doesn’t restrict breathing like others

Awesome product

Comfortable and secure.

Brilliant mask

Best mask I’ve tried, much better and more comfortable wearing for long periods

PureMSK my first choice mask

Fits my face well, without fogging my glasses. Lightweight but protective. Sent some to both of my sisters!

Lightweight and Comfortable

Easy to wear all day and great fit.


Wonderful mask!

PureMSK White Large (Regular)
Debra A Mastronardi
Great masks

Fits well, looks good, easy to breathe

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)


As an adult, I have a small face. I have tried many masks from surgical to KN95 to N95- while I know they are suppose to be safe, I still feel that I have spots where they just don’t fit right! I bought the large for my husband and he loved them. They are lightweight and fit him comfortably. The large was too big for me, so I ordered the small and they were perfect! Depending on where I am or if I am traveling, I will double mask and my PureMSK always goes on first as it is the most comfortable!! I will definitely order more!!

very comfortable mask

wear while teaching and it fits well and is comfortable and easy to talk in.

puremsk thoughts

Great fit and I feel safe wearing this mask.