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Great mask!

Lightweight, comfortable. We def feel safe wearing these masks for transit, crowded places, etc. A great find

PureMSK White Small
Katherine Watkins
Outstanding product

A family member was diagnosed and admitted to the hospital with Covid. I was sitting in close proximity to her as she was coughing out into the open the first night, and was in her contaminated hospital room the next 2 days after that. I wore a Pure MSK mask every time (the small size because I have a small face, so it fit quite snugly), and did not come down with Covid. After that, even though I still had some left, I bought another 10 pack so that I know I have plenty on hand. I highly recommend these masks.

PureMSK White Small
Bruce Shadruff
Little mask

Love tight fitting little mask

Best masks

I really appreciate the quality of these masks. The adult white masks fit me perfectly. If you need a larger size, order the adult black masks. The masks are lightweight and easy to breathe through. They fit the face snuggly so no germs can enter from the sides. I have relied on these masks since covid started and have had no issues.

PureMSK White Large (Regular)

These have remained my favorite protective masks when I feel I need them out and about.

Very breathable, I can wear them all day

Easy to breathe in this mask.
Also I feel protected wearing the mask in crowded areas.

Excellent masks

Just reordered the PureMSK masks. They are extremely comfortable, breathable and I like that they are made in the USA. Still masking at times to prevent illness but also use these doing yard work when it is dry and kicking up dust. Excellent product.

Comfortable, efficient, our go-to mask

We’ve been using PureMSKs since 2020, and find them workable and the ear loops make them easy to wear for a long time.

Best Masks

I purchase this masks since the beginning of the pandemic, very comfortable they are the only masks we used.

Easy to breathe in even during exercise

I can work out in this mask. It fits well and securely which is the key to protection. Hours in this mask is no strain.

Love the way they fit and ware.

Great Masks!!!

Great masks!Definitely work. I never once caught the coronavirus.I wore these masks and continued as normal.A must buy!!!

Product Excellence

By far the best fitting mask available today!

Excellent product as always. I’ll miss you

Very sad to hear you’re going away. I expect to wear masks in crowded public places for the rest of my life, so I’m not sure how I’m going to get them in the future.

PureMSK White Small
sharon kennedy
Imbedded Microfibers?

Ordered wrong size :-/ will order larger later. Something else: 1st order was beginning Covid. Those mask wrkd great. Second box seemed material was different and I began to have intense nasal tickle and itching. Can you explain this? I have no allergies and worked as RN in trauma center ER. Had to don a mask quite often/ never a prob. I’m pretty convinced that something in material manufacturing changed.
I mist the mask with water before wearing (rare occasion now) to mitigate the whatever microfiber is imbedded in these masks. Curious if you have any idea?
Love the fit tho-chin strap and nose fit.

Best pandemic mask

High quality, great fit. The only mask I wore throughout the pandemic. They really work.

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)

Best Mask I've Found

I love these masks, they are the most comfortable that I have found and also are super secure and effective. I always use them, especially on airplanes and in crowds. I have stayed healthy wearing these and highly recommend them.


Comfortable, breathable and rated high. Like them so much, I ordered more than once.

PureMSK White Large (Regular)

The best mask

Great quality, perfect size and prompt delivery!!!


Your Masks were the only ones my family used during the pandemic and have saved us. Thank you for creating such a great product.

Great Mask!

These masks are the best. They are comfortable and very breathable. They don't have any chemical smell like some others. I forget I have it on at times.