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great mask

Comfortable and efficient. I plan to buy more.

PureMSK Black Small
Martha Kline

These masks are snug, secure , comfortable and safe. I live with a 97 year old and work in retail. I have remained healthy since the pandemic began. I purchased size large initially and tied small knots in the elastic. I ordered small the next time and they are just right for my face. I will be ordering more soon. I cannot say enough good things about the professionals in customer service. They are terrific. Thank you, PureMSK!

Best mask for glasses

THis is the only mask I’ve found that doesn’t cause my glasses to fog up. Really like these masks.

Most comfortable mask

Tried so many masks, mostly ones that didn’t fit close to the face, leaving open places on side. This mask is lightweight, fits face snugly, and makes going out less stressful.

Great to use everyday!

This is a comfortable mask that all our staff wear on a daily basis.

These masks are very comfortable while also having a snug fit

The shape of these masks is perfect - their folds make the mask both tight and comfortable at the same time. I would definitely recommend.

Great product

Love the fit and quality of the product.

Shipment didn’t arrive

As my title suggests, my shipment of masks never arrived. I was out of town for a few days on business, and the office here at the church where the shipment was to have arrived, said no such package showed up. And we have had PureMsk packages before…so, perhaps you could check on that. Thanks. Karl Olsen

Thanks for reaching out. We received your package back at our facility today. USPS had trouble delivering it. See our email to you with more information. Sorry about the inconvenience, and thanks for your understanding.

Masks were a little small to qualify as large. Too papery of a feeling. I personally don't like them and won't use them. My husband likes that they have a little more room around the nose and says he'll wear them.

Most comfortable!

Pure Msk is the most comfortable mask I have found that I can wear for several hours and still feel that I am protected.

Most Comfortable Protection

I have worn PureMSK masks since the early days of the COVID pandemic and continue to do so. While I tried a couple of other masks -- including cloth masks which I lined with coffee filters in the first weeks of the pandemic -- I found that PureMSK masks were more comfortable, lighter, easier to wear and breathe with all while affording me the confidence of being well-protected against contracting the virus. I continue to wear masks in indoor public settings and will continue to do so, despite easing mask mandates. I highly recommend PureMSK masks to provide protection and long-wearing comfort!

PureMSK Black Large (Regular)
Light, comfortable, effective

Best surgical mask. I wear it when shopping, and especially when exercising because it so much more breathable than other masks I've used while providing full coverage with no gaps.

Most Comfortable Mask

Super comfortable and easy to wear all day. Works perfectly with glasses. Highly recommend.

Favorite Mask

These are my family’s favorite masks, hands down. We continue to wear them in crowded areas. We’ve worn them for 10+ hour flights with ease. And I love that they’re made in America. We continue to buy them to wear when around a lot of other people and for people outside our bubble that come to our home. Thank you Pure MSK!

Light n' Comfy

The PureMsk has a secure fit and is comfortable. It doesn't feel heavy on your face.

Comfortable and Comforting

We have worn Pure-Msk masks since the start of the pandemic. They are comfortable and they make us feel safe.

Best I've Tried

Honestly I have tried so many different masks but I keep going back to my Pure-MSK's. Have not once had to get tested for Covid-19 during the whole Pandemic and I say it is because I have worn these masks! Comfortable and feels safe!

The best

Best Mask

I’ve tried so many masks over the past two years. I feel like I can breathe, it doesn’t touch my lipstick, and my glasses don’t fog up. Fits really well and looks good.

Love these

These masks are so comfortable. They are the best I’ve tried.

Much lighter than other masks I have tried. I have a small face, but according to your instructions I fit the measurements of regular. The regular fits well when I knot the ear loops and I think the smaller size would be a bit too small.

PureMSK Black Small
Abiola Siwoniku
Excellent Product

Good quality and timely delivery.

Tried the rest! These are the best!

Amazing value, super comfortable, and Lewis Hamilton wears them! Not had covid yet either.

I love these masks. I haven't used any other but this one. It fits snug, I can breathe in it.
I get tons of compliments on this mask. I've been asked where did you get them? How much did it cost?
I'll even give one for them to sample.
I will continue using these masks .
These masks are the best.
Thank you for introducing these masks to me.

The experience was quite good and the masks were received quickly.