Are your masks reusable/washable?

Our PURE-MSK masks are designed as disposable. If your mask is damaged or soiled, or if breathing through the mask becomes difficult, you should remove the face mask, discard it safely, and replace it with a new one. If you think you have been exposed to viral particles, it’s recommended that you dispose of the mask after such use and use a new one the next time. Our proprietary electrospun material is durable; however, we caution you to be aware of your environment and what you and the mask may have been exposed to. At this time, we do not recommend washing or disinfecting the mask. 

What are the dimensions of PureMSK masks?

The dimensions for the PureMSK Regular masks are 75mm x 207mm and the dimensions for the Small mask are 55mm x 175mm. The mask then expands to cover the nose and the chin for a comfortable and secure fit.

How does PureMSK compare with other face masks on the market?

PURE-MSK is an FDA-cleared surgical mask, which provides significantly greater protection compared with the typical cloth masks. It blocks a minimum of 95% of particles while allowing superior air flow (independent testing shows average of +97% filtration protection – see this NIOSH test report for more details). The filter allows extreme breathability and comfort which, in addition to the excellent protection provided, is one of its strong value propositions. PureMSK is essentially one of the safest masks produced which is available in quantity to both the healthcare industry and the general public.

Note: PURE-MSK mask is NOT A NIOSH approved mask. All NIOSH masks have a double head band and PureMSK uses an ear loop design.

I want to place a bulk order, is there a sales representative with whom I can speak directly?

Yes, please use our Contact page to reach out to us about any orders larger than 500 masks.

How are the PureMSK masks packaged?

Our masks come in 10-pack pouches. These eco-friendly pouches have a zip-closure at the top, so you can re-seal the package for safety and convenience.

How soon will my masks ship after I place my order?

Generally, orders placed Monday – Friday before 14:00 Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7) will ship same day from our Southern California warehouse.

Note: If you see a product available on our website, that means it is in our warehouse and ready for immediate shipping.

How fast will my masks arrive after shipment?

Delivery time vary by destination and shipping method chosen. In all cases, tracking information will be included in your shipping notification email, please check your junk mail if you have not received one within 24 hours.

Is the Small mask the same as the old Kids mask?

Our ’small’ surgical masks were previously marketed as ‘kids’ masks. These masks are exactly the same masks as before and exactly the same masks as our larger masks, just 15% smaller.

Are these masks the same as the ones that used to be in the individual packages?

PureMSK FDA-cleared surgical masks are 100% the same masks that used to be sold in individual packs. We have been working with the FDA to modify the claims on our packaging. Bottom line: PureMSK remains the same, highly effective mask we have always produced.


Are your masks NIOSH-approved N95 respirators?

Our FDA-cleared surgical masks are not NIOSH N95 approved, but NIOSH did conduct a test of our surgical masks and determined that the filtration performance achieved 96-9% effectiveness, which is equivalent to an N95 respirator. See this NIOSH test report for more details.