PureMSK Surgical Mask - White Small (10pk)

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PureMSK combines innovative technology with American manufacturing and thoughtful design to create an effective disposable surgical mask that is also lightweight and comfortable. Features and benefits include:

  • FDA-cleared surgical mask

  • NIOSH tested to 95%+ filtration efficiency (Note: not approved by NIOSH for use as an N95 respirator)

  • Lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort

  • Tri-fold design; light and thin, yet durable

  • Nose clip and ear loops for comfortable fit and seal

  • Dimensions: 55mm x 175mm (NOTE: This mask is VERY SMALL! Anyone taller than 5'4" is probably too large for this mask.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Marisellah Williams
Great mask

Light and comfortable to breathe in.

JT in California
Comfortable and fits well

The Pure-MSK masks are light weight, comfortable, and fit well. You can wear them when you're active. I bought the small size ones for the kids to wear at school. They prefer them over the cloth masks because they feel like they can breathe better even during PE. Pure-MSK masks are good for the whole family to wear.

Shipping problems with UPS.

UPS charged me 44$ for customs clearance for a product included in the free trade agreement. So, it's cost me 120$ for 20 masks. At this price, it will be stupid to buy it again. Too expensive with UPS delivery. About your masks, they are very nice, these are exactly what we wanted.

Harm Bruggink
Best mask so far!

This is the first mask I can wear all day without having the idea of wearing one.

Linda Jorde
Taking it to the next level!

I wore mine for the first time today and was delighted with how well they fit. The experience was completely different from the cloth masks I have been wearing, even though they are of good quality. Never having worn anything like them before, I think it will take a bit of getting used to, but I love the extra pieces on the top and bottom, making me feel more protected with the tight fit. I have high hopes that I might even be able to wear sunglasses with them and not have them fog up! I'm so glad I found them and will definitely be getting more. I saw someone wearing a black one today - quite elegant! I'm trying those next time. Thanks!

Lightweight. Breathable. Effective.

Air Permeability